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Monday, March 3, 2014
Lodge Oyster Roast ~ Saturday ~ March 15th
A.U.C.E. for as long as they last $15.00 per person
Crackers, hot sauce, etc. provided by the Lodge
Administrator's Message
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Brothers, it's that time again to elect our Officers for the upcoming year. All positions are open except Administrator, 2nd & 1st year Trustee. If there is anyone wishing to submit their name, let the Administrator or current Officer know so they can give you the form for submission. Feb.17th will be the 1st nominating meeting, March 3rd for the 2nd meeting and March 17th will be the last meeting. The election will be held April 7th. Another important item, membership, please check your membership card for your due date, if this is an oversight, send it in or see the Administrator, we have a list on the board so check and see if you know any one, if so try to collect their dues. Remember sponsor and enroll 2, get your dues paid for the next year. "REMEMBER GO THE DISTANCE". Thanks to all who supported all the functions this month, let's continue doing this. See you around the Lodge

Jesse McKenzie, Administrator
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